How to read the Virgo Tarot

An excerpt from a tarot deck that identifies the seven primary planets and their signs.(Source: Virgo)A tarot card deck that is a reflection of your personality and the beliefs that you hold.This is one of the most important tarot cards that you can get.It will show you how you are the most compatible with yourRead More

Why the tarot card hoodoo shirt is a classic

Traditional tarot is a book about the power of the cards.The tarot has a number of different meanings: it is the guidebook of divination; it is a spiritual guide for the human race; and it is used as a medium of divinatory power.But it’s also a card.In fact, the tarots are the cards of ourRead More

What is Cyberpunk Tarot?

What is the Cyberpunk tar, the cyberpunk taros, the cyberspace tarot or tarot?What is tarot tarot and why is it important?Cyberpunk is the sci-fi/fantasy genre that started out as science fiction, but has expanded to include a lot of genres like fantasy, horror, mystery, and cyberpunk.The term was first coined by Robert Heinlein, the sciRead More

Tarot reading: The tarot for your cancer reading

Today, we’re going to read tarot readings for your favourite cancer tarot decks.These tarot charts are not only a great way to get you started reading the tarot but they also offer you an insight into your future.The Tarot is the primary book in the Tarot deck series and is a collection of cards thatRead More

How to make a deck that fits the new generation

The newest generation of tarot cards will soon be available for you to use, and it could change the way you look at tarot and tarot readers.The new version of the card is called the “Erotic Tarot” and it will be available in December.It will come with a full-color deck with illustrations, a description ofRead More

When do you want to read the tarot cards?

The tarot, which is the study of the elements and patterns in the elements of the universe, is the spiritual equivalent of the tarots card, a card used by sorcerers.The tarot is a mystical deck that teaches how to interpret the elements according to the archetypes of nature and the universe.The tarots cards describe theRead More

This Tarot is About to Change Your Life

For years, I have been fascinated by tarot and its magical and mysterious history.I grew up reading the stories and legends of tarot—and how they helped shape my beliefs and worldview.But now, I’m excited to share with you my latest book, Tarot Tarot: An Intimate Portrait, which includes my thoughts on tarot from my heartRead More

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