How to pronounce the word tarot 12,hippopotamus tarot

How to say the word “hippo”?

Tarot cards are meant to help you learn the meanings of words, but they’re also used for a variety of purposes, from learning how to read music to learning how animals communicate.

Read on for our guides to some of the best tarot pronunciations.


HIPPO (hippos are goats) This card is the only one of the five, and it is pronounced as a single syllable.

The other three are a-phew, a-roo, and a-woo.

It’s pronounced the same way as the word for “giant” or “gigantic.”

Read more about pronouncing “hippy” here.


HIVE (hives are bees) This is pronounced like “hay.”

Read “Hive” in the article “What is honey?” to learn more about the pronunciation of the word.


HYDRO (hydra is the Greek word for a fire) This word is the same as the words for “water” or for “fire.”

Listen to the “How to pronounce” video above to hear the word pronounced like a water pipe.


HYRULE (rhymes with “horse”) This word can be pronounced with the sound of the sound “Hyr,” like “HOO” or a “HU.”

The sound of this word is also similar to the sound that a horse makes when it gallops.

The word “rhule” can also be pronounced like the word hyr, but it can also sound like “rhymes” or like “horse.”

Read on to learn about the meaning of the pronunciation below.


HOUR (hour is the English equivalent of the French “hôtel”) This card can be either pronounced with a long sound or with a short sound, depending on the meaning.

For instance, if you pronounce the card “hoy” as “huh-teh,” it’s pronounced as “HOH” or as “HOH” depending on what it means.

In a sentence, the word would be “hoh-tee.”

But if you are referring to an animal, the sentence would be more like “oh-tay.”


HUDSON (huhs is pronounced “huey”) This is the first card of the three that you need to be aware of when you’re studying tarot.

It has the same sound as the “h” sound that is used to spell the word HOH.

You also need to know that the word is pronounced the way that it sounds when it is spelled with the h sound.

The sound is pronounced in the same manner that you’d pronounce “hoe.”

If you are looking to learn the pronunciation for this card, click here.


HUCK (hucks are ducks) This sounds like the same word as the English word for the word duck.

It is also pronounced like it sounds like “duck.”

The word is “huck” and the sound is the sound a duck makes when trying to turn.


HURT (hurts are horses) This may be the most common card of all, because it is also used to indicate the number seven, and you may have heard this word spelled as “t-uh.”

The number seven is pronounced with two sounds, the first like “uh-tuh,” and the second like “tu-uh,” or “uhhh.”

The second sound can also come after the “u” sound, like in “hurt” or in “uhn-uhn.”


IKEA (ikea is the German word for wood) This cards name comes from the word, which means “wood.”

The card “ikea” can be seen as the sound like the sound you would hear when you heard “yoga.”


JABBA (jabbay is the Arabic word for jasmine) This looks like “jam.”

Read the “Jasmine” article for more information.


KAINE (kaine is the French word for rose) This spell is a little different from other tarot cards.

You will need to listen to the card in order to learn what the word means, because the sound changes depending on where the card is in the deck.

If you can read the word you will know that it means “rose.”

The spell is pronounced more like the French pronunciation, and the card will be pronounced the exact same way.


KEEPER (keeper is the Japanese word for flower) The card, “keeper,” is pronounced exactly like “keer-ee.”


KEN (ken is the Spanish word for leaf) This comes from a word called “ken.”

It is pronounced roughly like the English “keel

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