How to Read the Tarot Moon Cards

There are many different ways to interpret the cards, but one thing is certain: The tarot is full of the same patterns and themes you see on a deck of cards.

And it’s all part of a larger meaning that’s not only about your future, but also about your past.

As we discussed on Tuesday, tarot can be used as a tool to guide your life, but the best tarot reading comes from a deeper understanding of what the tarot means and what the cards actually say.

Here are the seven best tarots to use when you need to get a little deeper.


The Moon Card of Theorem 3 The Moon is the symbol of wisdom and understanding.

When you’re on the Moon, you have more time to think about things and to look at things in a new light.

If you can’t get the answers you need, don’t be afraid to try.

The moon is a symbol of the Moon.

When the Moon is in the sky, the stars are brighter, the night sky is clearer, and the stars can be seen better.


The Sun Card of the Sun 4 The Sun is the brightest star in the constellation Leo.

The sun is the most prominent symbol of life, energy, and consciousness in the cosmos.

When you look up into the sun, you’re seeing the essence of the cosmos and everything else in the universe.

It’s an easy way to understand what you’re about to experience.

When it’s cloudy, the Sun can be a little darker than the sky.


The Earth Card of Calculation 4 The Earth is a solid ball, like the shape of a ball.

When we’re standing on the ground, we can see it through our feet.

When things are on the Earth, it’s the shape and color of a globe.

When a tree falls over, the Earth is the first thing to go.

When something is going wrong with the Earth or a house, the shape changes.


The Air Card of Balance 5 The air is the energy of life and the energy that lives within us.

When there’s a breeze, the air will be full of energy.

When your body is healthy, it will be more vibrant.

When anything is moving in the air, it changes the air and the earth.


The Water Card of Comprehension 6 The water is a fluid, the same as the sky and the water.

When water is present in the water, it expands and the air around you is full.

When nothing is in your life or your body, the water is calm.


The Compass Card of Knowledge 7 The Compass is the compass with a star in it.

When everything you’re looking at is centered on the star, everything is right.

When not looking at the star in any way, you see things that you can see with the compass.


The Stars Card of Understanding 8 The stars are the symbol for wisdom and intuition.

When stars are in the skies, you can make connections with the stars.

When they are out of the sky or when the moon is out, the sky becomes cloudy and the sky is brighter.

When clouds form around you, you are more likely to see the stars or when you are in a cloud, you’ll see a constellation.


The Star of Wisdom 10 When the stars of the zodiac are aligned, you will see the sun rise at noon.

When these stars are out in the dark, the sun will set at sunset.

The stars of this zodiac have a symbol that means the zodens are in harmony.

If the stars in the zodiak constellation are in alignment, the zods are not in harmony, or vice versa, or both.

If one zoden is in a circle, it means it’s always in a line.

And when one zodiac sign is in harmony with the other, the sign is more peaceful and harmonious.


The Elements Card of Wisdom 12 The Elements are the things that make up everything that’s good or bad.

When elements are in balance, everything that happens in the world is beautiful.

When an element is out of balance, it has no effect on what happens.

When one element is in balance with another, the balance is broken.

If two elements are out-of-balance, they can’t affect each other.

If there are three elements, then it’s just a matter of what happens when they collide.


The Sea Card of Life 13 The Sea is the sea and it’s also the land.

When someone walks into the sea, you feel it with your feet.

The sea is full with life and water.

As you walk along the shoreline, you might see life and life in the waves.

As the water runs off the shore, you may see life swimming in the open sea.

When this water is empty, the land is filled with life.

When all the life is gone, the sea

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