Which tarot cards are good for your heart?

There is a growing body of literature suggesting that tarot card reading may help improve mood, reduce stress and enhance self-esteem.

According to a recent study, for instance, reading a card with the number 6 (or three) in the front of it improved mood and reduced the anxiety that people feel when they are feeling overwhelmed.

And although it is a good idea to keep your reading routine consistent, a recent survey found that tarots readers feel better if they read more than once a day.

Tarot cards with the numbers 3, 6 and 8 in the middle of the card, for example, are considered to be more beneficial than those with the first two numbers.

But the numbers 5 and 9 may not be the most beneficial number for readers.

In fact, the study found that people who read three cards of the same tarot number were more likely to be satisfied with their lives and felt less anxious, depressed and unhappy than those who read only one card.

A tarot reader says: “The number of cards you have in your collection will change how you think about yourself and your relationships.

You can’t control the number of tarot numbers in your tarot collection, but you can choose which cards to read to improve your mental state and happiness.”

Tarot readers, for the record, are not alone in this opinion.

According the British Tarot Association, the most popular tarot readings are: Tarot 3: The Three Jewels (6, 7, 8)

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