Why Tarot Cards Should Be Translated and Interpreted as Translations

The world has never been the same, says author Anupam Kher, and the way in which the tarot cards are translated into different languages is crucial to understanding them.

“It is not just the way that the cards are read, it is the way the languages are used.

Tarot is the art of reading meaning into the cards,” he said.

“You cannot translate a card into a language that has a different meaning.

In my opinion, the language is the best indicator of what is meant by the card.”

Tarot is a form of divination used in ancient India, Persia, and China.

Kher said the way of reading the cards is also important.

If you are not used to reading tarot, you will probably find it difficult to understand it.

He said this is because the cards read in different languages are different, which means they are not the same as the cards you would read at home.

So how do you read the cards?

The card is called a card of the three elements, which are fire, water, and air.

The element you are looking for in the card is the same in every card of that same color.

The most important thing to do with reading the card in the way Kher suggests is to read the card from the front.

This will allow you to understand what is written on the card and what is not.

Anupam and his wife Shubha Kher at the Maharishi ashram.

Source: Hindustan Times / Flickr.

Images: K.K. Bhandari/Flickr.

An up-close look at the three-leafed Tarot card from one of the Tarot cards in this collection of 20.

Source: Hinduster Times / YouTube.

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