“Dark Side of the Tarot” explores Egyptian mythology

A new book that focuses on the tarot is being published in New York on Tuesday by New York University Press.

The book, titled “Darkside of the tarots”, by the editors of the Journal of Egyptian and African Studies, has been hailed as an important contribution to the field.

The book is based on a short, yet influential, essay by Joseph Fauci, whose work has been influential in recent years, and the introduction by the Egyptian philosopher and researcher Dr. Abdel Fattah El-Sayed. 

“Dark Side” is a collection of essays that focus on the dark side of tarot cards, examining how the cards represent Egyptian mythology, myths and religion. 

The essay was published in 2016, shortly before Fauces work was published, in the journal Tarot Research and Studies.

The title of the essay was a reference to a book titled “The Dawn of Horus”, written by Faucic. 

El-Said has written extensively on Egyptian mythology and culture.

His work has had a significant influence on Egyptian tarot scholars, including the late Dr. Mohamed El-Baz, who edited a number of books on Egyptian and Middle Eastern mythology and religion, including “The Egyptian Tarot”, published in 2010 by the Egypt Institute of Art. 

In his essay, El-Dafisi discusses how the Egyptian mythology is linked to the Egyptian taros, saying:”This is one of the most ancient texts of the ancient Egyptians, written in the second millennium BC, and it has been translated into Arabic, Syriac, Hebrew, Coptic and Arabic. 

According to the Taros, the sun is the highest power, the first person in the universe.

And so the sun was the highest in power and the sun god Horus was the ruler of all the gods. 

As you know, the Egyptian religion is based in many ways on the mythology of Horus, the god of the underworld, who was the son of Ra, the father of Ra. 

And in the Tarots, he is associated with the three elements – water, fire and air, and he is the first of them to be born, and they are the four spirits of the world. 

All of the gods, the four great gods, are associated with Horus. 

So Horus is the creator of the universe and he created the elements, and all the spirits of this world.

The elements were created by the Sun, and by the sun he created these beings and these spirits. 

When the gods were created, the Sun was the creator.

The Sun was also the creator and the creator is the father. 

He created the world, and through him the gods and spirits and the creatures and the animals and the birds and the fish and the reptiles were created. 

This is the basis of the religion of the Egyptians, and in the world mythology, and we know the mythology, but the religion is still based in myths and in legends. 

It’s based on the myth of the creation of the sky, the heavens, and so it is the religion that we understand.”

The essay also describes how the ancient Egyptian mythology was linked to astrology, describing the four seasons and the seasons as four seasons, as well as the sun and moon. 

Fauci writes that the ancient belief in the divinity of Horus led to the use of astrology as a system of divination in the early civilizations. 

Ibn Sina, a Muslim scholar who wrote about the religion and religion and astrology during the time of Muhammad, also used astrology to interpret Egyptian astrology. 

A few years after Fauce’s work was written, a group of scholars from Egypt, Syria and the Arabian Peninsula published the first comprehensive text of astrological and astrolabe texts, “Tarot of Egypt”. 

The text included the names of the elements of the Egyptian and the Egyptian religions, and also detailed astrolabes and symbols used in the religion.

“The astrolables were not the only sources of knowledge, but they were certainly the most important. 

Many scholars of the period were astrologers, and many of them had written in a language that was not Egyptian. 

There were books that were written in Latin and Greek, but it was the astrolable which was written in Arabic.

So the astrologer was in a position to decipher the language of the astral table, the symbols of the stars, the colors of the planets, the constellations. 

Astrology became a central aspect of the religious life of the Ancient Egyptians. 

They would make sacrifices and they would celebrate the harvest festivals. 

These were called “tarot ceremonies”. 

They had many different kinds of rituals.

They were ritual dances, they were a way of honoring the deceased, they are also a way to celebrate the birthdays of the deceased. 

Some people would wear the stars

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