How to make your tarot cards look like the ones in Disney movies

The Magic Kingdom is often a bit of a ghost town, but not if you are a mermaid! 

Disney has had a long history of making the most popular Disney character characters look like they were taken straight from the pages of tarot, and today we can bring you the best of that, with some mermaid scale tarot tarot deck designs for all your Disney fanatics to love! 

Mermaid scales are used in tarot to represent the physical and mental realms, and are often used in divination, astrology, and divination cards as well as tarot reading and divining cards. 

The best mermaid tarot decks are made with realistic-looking scales, and feature intricate designs inspired by mermaids’ personalities, as well. 

For the best merfolk tarot card decks, try these gorgeous mermaid and mermaid themed deck designs from Disney, Walt Disney World, and more! 

These mermaid scaled tarot book designs come with a beautiful cardstock and are available in black and white. 

You can get the mermaid, mermaid scaly, merm-scaly, and merfolk themed deck from  Disney Store and Disney World Gift Cards. 

If you want to learn more about mermaid scaling, check out these tips on how to properly scale your tarots! 

You’ll also love these amazing Disney mermaid designs from Disney Store, Disney Store Gift Cards, and Disney World Gift Card. 

Want to know more about tarot?

Check out these books: Tarot: The Complete Guide by David Lueberman Tarot: An Illustrated Guide to Tarot by Paul M. W. Ehrlich Tarot Deck: A Tarot of Magic by David Karp Tarot Tarot Cards: A Guide to Using the Tarot for Personal and Spiritual Growth by Joseph A. LeBlanc

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