‘I’m sorry’ – Tarot meme prompts outrage on social media

A meme featuring a woman crying on the tarot deck has caused outrage across the world after being shared by people on Twitter.

The video shows a woman with a face covered in tears, who is seen speaking to a stranger and saying “I’m so sorry”.

“I just want you to know that I really appreciate the message you’ve sent me.

You’ve given me a reason to be thankful,” the woman says in the video.”

I feel like I’ve gotten the message that the world is really, really good.”

The video was shared more than 500,000 times in just over two days on Facebook.

“People think this is a good way to make friends and make connections.

But this isn’t,” said Laura Geller, a New York-based artist who created the video with her husband.”

You have to be really careful of the way you use the tarots and how you use that moment.

You can’t just use that as a prop to make yourself feel good.”

Geller said the woman was clearly upset.

“It’s a really sad moment,” she said.

“What does that say about women?

What does that make you?

How is this not a message of hate?”

The woman who shared the video, Laura Gellar, told CBC News she had no idea she was causing such an uproar.

“There’s a lot of negativity in the media, but I’m really proud of what I’ve done, because I wanted to be an artist that people wanted to see,” she told CBC Radio’s The Current.

“The video is not meant to be offensive, and it’s not meant for any specific group of people.

I want to be a voice that people can hear.”

Gellar said the video was inspired by a friend who had a similar experience at a bar.

“She got a drink and she said, ‘I feel so bad,’ and I said, you know, ‘Oh yeah, I feel like you’re crying’,” she said with a laugh.

“So I went back and made the video again and again and it really resonated.”

Gellers husband, David, has since shared the original video on Facebook with his friends and was asked for a response from Tarot readers.

“This is a story about a young woman who got a really bad shock and she went back to Tarot and she was very emotional, very hurt and very hurtful,” he said.

David Geller said he wanted to make a point about the impact of social media.

“And then when we did the video and shared it, we didn’t expect that we would get thousands of comments and people just talking about how it’s really cool,” he told CBC.

David said Tarot memes were born out of his frustration with the way the media was covering celebrities.

“That was an opportunity to show that it wasn’t just the celebrities that were being affected, it was people in general.

It was like a collective of people and it was just really touching,” he added.

David has been contacted by several Tarot card readers, who say they have received messages of support.

“They’ve been so supportive.

They said, it’s a good idea to share the video because I don’t want people to feel like this is just some isolated incident,” he explained.

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